my name is Bas van Raay.

Since I received my Bachelor of Arts at the DAE (Design Academy Eindhoven) in 2007, I felt this natural urge to give meaning to society. BUT how do you do this?

I got to understand that I had to connect more with my Heart and Gut feelings. It only took two trips to India, a 10-day Vipassana course, breaking a sweat on the yoga mat, healthy food, and a daily ice cold shower to get this figured out :).

For me, giving meaning became analyzing trends, writing future blogs, giving lectures, teach in what I analyze and work as a career coach, all from a philosophical viewpoint.

Halfway 2017 I started as a teacher trend research at Fontys International Lifestyle Studies in Tilburg after working as a career coach at DAE and teaching at DAE and Artemis Styling Academy in Amsterdam. Later in 2017, I’ll start my Master studies at the University of Tilburg in Philosophy of Contemporary Challenges.

see my Linkedin profile for more details.